Marie-Hélène Le Ny



For several years now, the village of Réal - on the plateau of Capcir, in the Pyrénées Orientales - invites a photographer to come to live some time on his lands to realize a work which will be exhibit next summer. It is the gallery of the Forum in Toulouse which led the project. In 2004, I had the big pleasure to discover Capcir and its inhabitants. While appealing to their memory I created a series of 6 parts, in panoramic size. Walking on the paths of the village as the seasons go by, I tried to make, from my collages, a relationship appear in time and in the space which is not familiar to us any more, but which still seems nevertheless engraved in our collective memoirs from which it is summoned to disappear. There is no event to be summoned, just the shivers of the life which rustles slowly and to which we do not pay any more enough attention...