Marie-Hélène Le Ny

My small pieces of madeleines



Jean-Pierre LAMBERT gallery
Paris, 1999

I have the feeling that a split takes place for some years within what we called " the creative photography ", " the photography of creation ", " the photographic art " or I do not know which other naming. Finally generally speaking among the works of the artists photographers, of those who aspired to the creation and not to the illustration.
The history of the photography was already the object of several references. We know its course - its big stages and its main actors. Today, as of all time and about is the field of investigation, there are researchers and followers. The followers would be the lovers of the argentic image, mostly in N/B, spreading of admiration for the depth of the blacks and the subtleties of the halftones, taking back techniques tried by the great masters, even the ancient processes such the edition in the platinum, the bichromatée gum, etc.... These followers are so fascinated by their technique which they confuse to know how to make and creation. Maybe have - they simply nothing else to say...
The researchers, them, know possibly the wealth of the photographic technique and know how to use it, but can also ignore it, contenting with creating their universe, leaving with laboratories the care of realizing the tests in adequacy with their imagination.

I do not want to concern of judgment such or such practice, but I ask the question of the continuation of the history of the photography. This one reached the adulthood and joins the other tools of the creation. The history of the photography would become the equivalent of a history of the watercolor, of the engraving or the fresco...
It would have believed a moment in a kind of independence and today, would come to join the art history. We are thus for the very rich period, when the photography becomes a current, widely used space of creation and which knew how to forget - its affectations, even if they are still often practised. To us to make the sorting in these excess numerous propositions.

Marie-Hélène Le Ny uses the photography, but I do not believe that photographer's naming suits her necessarily. She is no doubt towards the researchers. She studied in the School of Fine Arts of Rouen and learnt that is a plastic research. The contact of the artists and their works put her to listen the creation. She is also sensitive to the evolutions and to the problems of our time, attentive to the modifications of human relationships and to the preservation of their quality. What is remarkable in each of the works, it is that it knew always how to make the synthesis of all these elements, to obtain a strong work plastically, aesthetically and humanely.
I shall call back the previous series on Family portraits, the City of refuge of the Salvation Army and finally Memory of future, remarkable work on the region the North - Pas-de-Calais, its history and its people. All these works elaborating with human contacts, exchanges, and ending in a very thoughtful and worked shaping.
With his last series My small pieces of madeleines Marie-Hélène Le Ny bends over her history to make us share his " personal mythology concerning the smells and the flavours ". Short texts send back to us to our own memories, to all that can convey food as attractions or aversion.
Associations with the images are particularly made a success thanks to a schematized representation. (Objects nevertheless very realistic are only suggested by a frontal view, as a view of the top of our plate.) we are far from the advertising photography, the set texts-images very graphic joining to give a well-balanced global image. Colors come to be added to the olfactive and gustative evocations in a very homogeneous set where forms, colors and texts send back to us to our childhood memories, which are sometimes still very lively, and to which is added today an evident visual pleasure.

Jean-Pierre LAMBERT

Jean-Pierre LAMBERT gallery
FIAC, Paris, 1999


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