Marie-Hélène Le Ny

[No] Mater




Memory(ies) / [No]Mater

Almost Ready made... !

How a commonplace object taken away from its first use it can change status by being displayed in a museum?
Why these dolls to which we pay hardly attention in a child's room or an attic sale they shout out us of their fixed and artless looks when they take place on a pedestal or in a glass cabinet?

Invited by the association I.N.T.E.R.V.A.L.L.E.S to participate in the collective exhibition memory (ies) for which we had to question the cultural memory from the collection of the museum of Crépy-en-Valois, I wished to pursue my work on the fate of the women today. I thus dealt with the production and the transmission of the feminine roles, the manufacturing of stereotypes and beacons put in the collective imagination, most of the time connected to the control and to the conformation of the body of the women - whether it is in the Christian tradition or in our time which tends to marchandiser every moment of our lives.

During centuries, Madonnas, martyred virgins or penitent sinners inspired the paint and the statuary - all the imaging which contributed to the spread of the Christian religion and to the adoption of its values in Europe. Since about fifty years, other models are imposed on the girls by the consumer society in which the individual dominates on the group and the immediate pleasure on the salvation of the soul, the exercise of the virtue or the intelligence ...

The confrontation of these two universes in the same place deprives them of the visible "benevolent neutrality" by opening us a field of questioning on tools and models of identity construction proposed to the women, that they are mothers or not... Indeed, I was particularly interested in the way is lived and felt the non-maternity by the concerned women, embroidering their words on the clothes of dolls taken in here and there. Omnispresent in the second-hand shops, I also dealt with the proliferation of the model of the " doll model " which colonizes the imagination of the little girls of the whole world with a new ideal of beauty and materialistic lifestyle today. In the long list of the activities of this doll, neither spirituality nor philosophy to the program...