marie-hélène le ny

  Infinités plurielles


 Infinités plurielles
 145 women tell you about science...


exhibition produced by the French ministry of Education and Research

My work is rooted in an aesthetic of the encounter and exchange. I nourrish my work with both my observation of the world and some interactions's protocols with
different social groups. They mostly actualize in photographic series in which the human questionings keep a central place.
I invite each people facing my lens to collaborate to the realization of a portrait which will represent him/her, pictures and words grow rich mutually to invit us to cross the appearences and question our pictures' factories and our ways of representation of alterity...

This partnership with the French ministry of Education and Research is born from my first series of sound portraits raalized in 2010.

145 women telle me about their work of scientist, in its ordinary or extraordinary practical. Working in corporations or in public research, young researchers, seniors ones, professors or engineers , they tell about the most actual and sometimes astonishing researches, they evoke also the place of the women in science...
Came from all the France, they carry us away with passion in the mysterious wings of our world... from chemistry to astrophysics in passing by maths, sociology, computer's science, economy, law, medicine, biology, philosophy or aeronautical...

With generosity they say their desire to contribute to push back the limits of knowledge, to find solutions to the troubles of time, to improve the life of people, to help to keep a livable planete for future generations. The pleasure of research too, of a teamwork, the joyce to find and the thirst to know.

Christine Paillard,
Director of Research in CNRS, University of Bretagne Occidentale
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