Marie-Hélène Le Ny

  " One is not born, but becomes a woman..."


 " One is not born, but becomes a woman..."
Simone de Beauvoir, " The second sex ", Editions Gallimard 1949

I always wondered about the importance of the genre in our education and in the development of our personality. The space devolved to the women appeared to me too often as a subset sometimes hardly restricted by the unlimitedness of a world to be discovered, to be understood and to be invented. Today throughout the world, maybe more still sometimes than 25 years ago, the women have to fight to live, learn, create, love, think freely. They are still numerous to be able to develop only in the shadow of the men(people), subjected to their desires and to their laws.

Questioning stereotypes connected to women's image and to the control of their bodies, I realized a project in which I took up with a practice of the portrait which I often convened. During all year 2010, I invited the women to come to settle in my studio. In September I made a residence at Saint-Martin (Gers) thanks to the dynamics equip of Campagn' Art. Twenty five inhabitants of the region joined a project which found a beautiful opening outside the urban paths there !

During all the anné, and even a little more, I made 192 portraits and recorded each of the participants in the reading of a text of her choice: literature, essay, poetry, songs, or text of their own.
The choice of the black and white was led to take some distance with the imaging of the "feminine". A photography is at first the result of an implemented process with particular intentions and not emanation of the reality. The portrait takes root very far in the human history, to represent the other one, to question its appearance or its status, or to try to protect it from the forgetting by immortalizing him was often in the heart of the ritual, social and artistic practices. Beyond these appearances, it is what what livens up the women today that I tried to shape in this work of "sound" portraits

 * " Du côté des petites filles "- 'Elena Gianini Belotti, éditions des femmes 1976  (see and listen a few sound portraits)