marie-hélène le ny

Queens of heart



 Emilie Flacher, director, Compagny Arnica

Creation of Coeur cousu, according to Carole Martinez

The artistic and cultural occupations are unfortunately just like our society and reproduce the disparities of treatment: so, the women artists have more difficulties in finding the means of production and of distribution that the men.
We built this season around the women artists coming from any horizon: writer, director, choreographer, musician, singer …
And to glorify our choices, we confided to Marie-Hélène Le Ny, woman photographer, the realization of a series of nine portraits of these women whose artistic commitments you will appreciate.
We are so partner of the association H/F Rhône-Alpes which organizes The Season 1 of equality man-woman in the live performance. This season Include the structures of production, artistic and cultural distribution wishing to make a commitment for the professional equality man-woman.

Wilfrid Charles, director, theater of Bourg-en Bresse

It is in the city where I went to meet these women, in the city where
we did their portraits according to our wanderings - a garden, a construction site, a church, a yard or a dead end ... a theater or a cellar, a terrace or one
staircase in search of a light, of moment convenient to the suspension of time.
This suspended moment which the photography shapes, in the portrait it is for
me always the result of an exchange, it develops with an active subject.
To these women I gave few indications, I quietly brought them in
settle down in the image.

We spent a few hours together, the time to get acquainted and to give me keys to discover their universes, approach their personalities.
For each I then made up an image weaved by their history and my imagination.
These nine women seem to me to have in common a singular attention on the other one and to the world. Nothing of it which is human is not indifferent to them, and it is really the Human comedy with its enjoyments, its sufferings and its infinite questionings which feeds the imagination and the creation of these Queens of hearts.

Marie-Hélène Le Ny


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